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NO ONE else in the world can do that! Saying 'it's easy' is absurd!"Choosing not to confirm the accuracy of Julia's prediction, I said nothing. Instea... I floated Carol's panties to my nose, and made a long, loud sniffing sound. "What a lovely smell!" I declared.Both girls giggled, and I dropped the panties onto Carol's belly. She looked at them as if they were alien, then cautiously picked them up and inspected them. I don't know what she was looking for, but she found them to be perfectly. A little make up further enhanced that with blush to bring out my cheekbones, dark eyeshadow and scarlet lipstick the same colour as my bra and shoes. Looking in the mirror, I could tell that I would do pretty well. I had never considered quite how good a girl I would make even when planning this but the clothes, hair and make up completely transformed me. I was Cynthia, long legged beauty with the kind of slutty make up job that a guy like my brother was sure to go for. Now, all I had to do. She stared into the dark cesspools and allowed the fingers to undo the top button, then the next and the next without so much as one bit of opposition. Her breathing became very rapid and uneven when the flimsy material was shifted to the sides and the cool air flowed over her burning flesh."Please, Sarah, please don't," Jenn moaned with a desperate voice. In a frantic move, she ripped her eyes from Sarah's and glanced at the numerous, exposed markings on the girl. She prayed that none of them. He’d never before had a woman do something like that to him with her hair. Then Nancy began to drag her hair back and forth over his erect, throbbing pole. ‘Ohhhhhh!!!’ he moaned, writhing. ‘I thought you might like that,’ Nancy murmured, then her lips enveloped Bob’s swollen prong. Up and down her head moved, leaving Bob’s cock slick with her saliva and the man attached to it panting with need. Bob couldn’t remember ever being this turned on! ‘I’m gonna come!!!’ he moaned. ‘Oh, sweet Jesus,.

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