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He laughed a bit but he then told me his was 7 inches. We then talked about sex a bit more then sooner or later we both found out we were virgins. I c...uld see through his sweats that he wasn't wearing underwear and you could see his pants bulge.He started to make his cock bounce and we laughed and giggled. I made my cock hard and I did the same thing. He felt my cock through my pants and started to rub it slow acting as if it was accidental. He asked me. "Does that feel good?" I told him "Yeah,. Now, I had never been with another girl about something about that kiss left me wanting more. This time, I was the one that kissed her, and soon enough, we were both caught up in the moment. It was as if we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I must have touched every inch of her body before ripping off her tight tank top. I stopped for a moment to enjoy the sight of her beautiful breasts before caressing them and planting my kisses all over them. Soon enough my shirt was off too and her. I waited a moment for the audience to calm down, and then began.“Well, now that I have the important stuff out of the way, why don’t we get down to why we’re all actually here. You know, electing John McCain the next President of the United States of America!”There was a lot of cheering at that, and I went into my speech. My speech was mostly pointing out the various times in the last seven years that I had used John to get something accomplished, like legislation or foreign affairs. In most. So trying to get out of the sticky situation I told her how I got caught up in the moment and that her being attractive didn't help! Then out of no where she said you know I have always thought you where attractive to,then she stood up and took off her shirt and said I dare you to touch them! So I g****d her beautiful round tits and started to suck on them! After about ten minutes of this she asked if she could see my thing. So I slowly stood up and pulled my fully erect 8 and a half inch penis.

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