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That look triggers her orgasm, that and Bill’s hard cock filling her so completely. Her pussy convulsing around him, trying to milk yet another load...of his cum from his balls. Finally, their lust is temporarily satiated. Candice and Bill know that they would have to talk about what they are going to do next. No fucking is not the topic at the forefront of their brains.Candice says to Bill, “I love you with all of my heart and soul. I don’t ever want to stop fucking you. We have to devise a way. As I was walking home I felt something strange, felt as if someone was following me. I looked back but I couldn't see any one. I hurried home and locked the door. Soon as I got home I had myself another little drink, but suddenly someone knocked on the door. I froze. Didn't know what to do, but I opened the door. It was the taxi driver I fucked 6 months ago. 'What are you doing here?''Just came by to say hi''Where you following me?''Maybe, can i come in?''sure'I let him in and sat on the sofa,. I shook my head, pushing my body away. The purple energy ran across my skin. I rose on shaky legs, my muscles trembling as the agony ate at me. But I was a paladin of Gewin. The god of war girded my limbs with iron.“No!” I growled, staring at the cave. Moans came from there.“What are you doing?” she asked as I took a step for the exit l. “I want to cum.”“Do you?” I growled, staring down at her. She reached out, grabbing my dick. She stroked it in her hands. I was hard, aching. “I want to cum so. "Hello welcome in, let me know if you need helpfinding anything," Rodge said before picking out a pink babydoll. "Hereyou go sir," he said handing the outfit to Jim."Okay so your two dildos, a nice outfit and some lube is there anythingelse I can help you find," Rodge said loud enough for the couple to lookover. "Oh no, I think I'm good," Jim said before walking with Rodge tothe counter and paid for his items. "That'll be 168.50, paying with cashor card?" "Card please." Jim pulled out the card.

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