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From there, she felt several more hands on her *** and on her sides, very close to her chest. As she tried to move from side to side, she noticed that...the hands were everywhere on her. She felt a hand on her legs sliding up as far as they could go. When she used her hands to pry the hands from under her dress, she felt other hands covering her **** and forcefully mauling her chest. When she removed the boys hands from her chest, others moved to her *** and back up under her dress. At one point,. I am a party loving guy.I meet Riya in a pool party, she was looking amazing in 1 piece and her panty lines were clearly visible as the dress was too tight and my roommate(Abhishek) introduced me to her.My roommate liked her very much so I controlled my feelings. I was looking at her while sipping my drink. I was already 6 pegs down when my friend told me to help him out. I went to her and said hi! She responded me with a smile. I asked about her doing and we were talking casually. I asked her. I got an immediate hard on. When she sat with me, I could barely concentrate on the conversation as I had to keep looking at her huge breasts. I think she noticed and quite enjoyed it. I had to go to the toilet afterwards to relieve myself.Another time I was having a chat with her and then we were going up a couple of flights of stairs. Me being a gentleman, allowed her to go first. I walked right behind her even though there was room for us to walk side by side :-)Her ass was right in my face. “What’s that about?”I took a deep breath.“Sorry,” I said. “I’m just grumpy in the mornings and didn’t sleep well.”“Sounds like more than that,” she responded.“I had a sex dream. About us.” I said. It wasn’t really a dream. It was a fantasy when I was wide awake. But I was trying to recover from my rash reaction. I knew I wanted more than a handjob from her. But at the same time, I knew I was acting entitled. I had no right to be upset with her. I needed to be more subtle and content.

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