Indian BBW bhabhi outdoor romance with secret lover

Also, my boobs are so big, i really cant see my feet if i just look down when standing so the waiting and final feeling of another gob of cum hitting ...y foot was a kind of sensual feeling . Imagine how i felt, being not allowed to move and feeling his cum running down my body, not knowing when it would drip or which foot it would land on. The sensation was quite sexy. i was very aroused, my nipples now rock hard and so wet between my legs.When he finally joined me in the shower, he began to. ”“Let me tell you about common law as the legislature sees it. A couple who admit to man and wife ... such as signing in to a hotel or motel for prurient purposes ... are married under common law. You admitted to being married to my daughter ... Now what?”“The hospital took my denial as proof of my unsound mind. As soon as I admitted ... under duress, mind you ... that she was my wife ... they let me go. If the bitch ... What?”“I can call her a bitch ... she’s my daughter ... and there’s no one. His cock jumped up and down in front of her face as he squeezed out more of his cum. She managed. to swallow some of it but most of the gooey white spray squirted onto her face. It splattered all over her cheeks and her mouth, hot and sticky. When he was through shooting his cream all over her she leaned back, resting her hands on the floor, staring at the hard long cock. She still wanted it inside of her cunt, no matter what she had to do.Her face was covered with white gobs of cum but she. . What did you do?" I sobbed."Dr. Walters dilated it with a special catheter. She lodged it into thebladder muscle and stretched it little by little. Then she injected itwith botox. Just enough to leave you with some control, but not enoughto make it to the toilet. It wasn't easy to figure out the dosage, butshe got it right, as it seems," she grinned.Crap! That ruled out pelvic floor exercises!"But as far as I know the effect fades over time!" I said not veryconvinced."Ordinary botox, yes, but.

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