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" Come in, Mark."I ended up staying for quite a while, discussing various topics. I wasn't worried about keeping the girls waiting, as I was pretty su...e they'd find something to talk about.One of Vanessa's questions was how much sex Carol had just had, and Ava's involvement in it.I answered truthfully, describing Ava's complete lack of concern about sibling incest, and a summary of what had happened in the hot tub and Julia's room, including that I hadn't touched Carol sexually. I didn't. This wasn’t going to be as difficult as I thought. I released the tabs on the tape and undid her diaper and pulled back the front. ‘Oh…Stinky,’ I groaned, trying not to lose what little was in my stomach. She laughed at that too. It was brown with green streaks, smelling of sewer, and seemed to be everywhere. I placed my hand over her tummy, to keep her in place while I fished for the baby wipes I had seen in the bag. I tried not to look at the mess. My hand began to tingle on her tummy,. Those, like me, who had been captured were taken deep into outer space and were chained up. My feet hadn't touched the ground since. They had only touched me once, giving me great pain and pleasure by only touching my breasts. I had seen their cocks, and they were twice the size of the largest cock on Earth, and if they were to fuck me, I knew I couldn't take it. That's why in the past week, they'd been pushing metal bars into my cunt, anus and throat, stretching them out to accommodate their. She felt his hands working closer to her crotch. Her face was flushed, overcome with lust for her cousin. Her hips began to work back and forth, lightly rubbing herself on his crotch. She felt one finger find her warmth, causing her to moan.“That’s it, Steven,” she encouraged, “Touch me! I’m so wet…”He slipped his finger into her wetness, feeling its tightness. He kissed her as he began to finger her. She was quite obviously enjoying his efforts. He couldn’t believe he was here, watching.

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