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” He grabbed her young teen thighs in his big black handsand pulled her legs up around his waist. That’s it, hold those legs tight.“Dad, stop, don’t let them do this to me. Dad!”“OH come on, sweet bitch.” Laughed Darian. “Tighten up those thighs.”Darian stepped back. The four men walked around Kelsey check out her body head to toe.“This lookin pretty good. We need some good stuff for our club, that ghetto Hoe shit don’t sell.”“Anyone can get that fo free.” “But this is fine, some nice. She has reallyhuge, stareyblack eyes and long black hair with purple, pinkand electric blue streaks init. You'd thinkshe's a really creepy, scary goth, and you'd be right, too, but she's really funny, smart and kind, andwith a heart of gold.Jennifer, on the other hand, is short and cute, with freckles, big brown eyes and curlybrown hair. She usuallywears things in purple, blue and pink with floatyskirts covered in flowers. She is quite bubbly and giggly, and she's really fun and outgoing with a. Their voices waver like the flames in front of them. Further, dry throats cause a few to cough between their recitation, dampening the hearts of others around.'Has this been all for-'The expansion of flames and loud pop interrupts the group leader's thoughts, her voice the most stable among the members. Reflecting in her near doubtful eyes, the flames recedes with an unnatural suction force, pulling it back into the fire pit until nothing is left but a sizzle.It happens too fast to process as. I knew there will be other times to speak with him. I consoled myself with the thought that three times a week I would be in his class and Organic Chemistry would be my favorite subject. One month later and classes are in full swing. I looked forward to Organic Chemistry, not for the class, but for Yun. He was stern, but fair. He demanded both effort and results. I gave all the effort I could, but I could not grasp Nomenclature (the naming of compounds) to save my life. I told him that I was.

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