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Oh my God, a dog has actually fucked me in front of three other people and I had loved it ... Please, let the floor just open up and swallow me, Pleas....I mumbled in embarrassment and pretended that I had been so drunk I couldn't even remember."You should," she countered, "He made the pair of us come quite a few times, unless you are a bloody good actress, you could at least just remember Kim is actually quite a lover."Oddly I was far more troubled at the obvious fact that I had clearly. "Since there backs were to the door Kandy kept turning around and surveying the place for Cedric. After a while she turned back around and took a sip of her drink, hoping her shaky hand wasn't too noticeable.Her mind was screaming, "Oh God, she couldn't wait to kiss Cedric and show him what a real woman feels like."John and she were talking when Cedric walked into the restaurant and looked around for Kandy. Her red hair caught his eye and he felt his cock throb."Blimey, she is more beautiful. He was going to be in so much trouble he had no idea in the world what his punishment would be.Trying to find something more pleasant to think about he thought about where he was going. They’d be happy to hear that their son was all right. And maybe he’d get to see that girl again. What was her name? Enid. Yes, that was it. The strange girl with a strange name. He hadn’t met many girls, and for sure he’d never met one like her. She ran like an antelope, easy and with long ground eating strides.. Then he went to work eating her pussy. Her pussy was the best he ever tasted. Within minutes she was pulling her his head into her and grinding her pussy on his face. “Oh I’m so close to cumming" Rachel yelled. Two minutes later she came right into his mouth. John licked it up savoring every drop."Oh god baby that was amazing" Rachel said” Now it’s my turn I want your big dick in my mouth". She laid him back on the bed and started licking his dick all over paying special attention to the.

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