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Ruchi moaned sexily and somewhat surrendered herself to me and came closer and we hugged partially.I wrapped my arm around her back “forget everythi...g….aaj raat ke liye main hi aapka husband hun…” I spoke intentionally to arouse her and Ruchi seemed getting excited with every passing moment. My one hand was still over her milk and I was somewhat holding her luscious fruit and could feel her breasts going heavier in excitement.Slowly I moved my hands to her back over her soft skin to unhook her. I opened my eyes and turned my head towards the compartment door.The speaker was a young and rather tall woman, with long brown hair that fell freely onto her back. She peered into the compartment with squinted eyes and a frustrated expression. In the aisle behind her, people were standing to smoke cigarettes, blowing the smoke out of the cracked side windows of the train. The smoking ban on the railways in France had gone into effect last year, but I knew from experience that it was harder to. I’m sure. If I were there right now you’d be able to feel how sure I am.”“Well, who am I to say no to such an offer from such a beautiful woman?” he replied. He briefly thought that he was glad that his boss didn’t monitor the company’s work computers as he probably wouldn’t approve of such conversations during company time. True, it was the weekend and Rob was in working overtime, but he was still getting paid.“Awesome! This will be fun! Okay, I gotta go. I have some running around to do today. I was 27 at the time and I picked up this Lady that was very up set at the time. Her Husband had just left to work in Germany and I picked her up to take her home after she had seen him leave to get his Plane. She was 57 and had Long curly Black hair, she wore glasses and didn't say much as she sat sobbing in the seat next to me as I drove her home. About half way to where she was going she stopped crying and started to chat to me, just plain small talk about the weather and stuff like that..

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