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The main thing is to get me set up. I want a hospital bed brought in here, a good one. Then I also need a power chair. Call a medical supply company a...d see what they can do. There should still be one open. Get on the phone and order right now. Tell them we'll want first thing in the morning delivery. I want their best power chair. Then, later on I want to talk to their mechanic. I'll order a second one with a few modifications. I've got an idea of sorts I want to try out."She nodded and got on. My natural EE breasts may be saggy, my vagina needed a comb over but I just closed eyes and said some reassuring words. We walked out down the garden to the hottub.Thankfully no one was there. We were alone to do that part. I gently lifted my leg up and climbed into the tub. The water was warm and wrapped around my ankles as it sunk in. Paul helped me in and together we sat down. "God this is really nice" I say to him as I waft my arms in the bubbles. "Paul I am still on edge" but he reassured. ? Sowe decided to make the hit at 8:30 pm, hoping this was a bit late forunintended guests and just when they were starting to get settled down forbed.? Boy were they in for a surprise!Our casing had been thorough. We knew Reuben Nithanski, Esq. had a young prettytrophy wife named Mary and an 8 year old son named Timmy.? Lucky for us, also living in the housewas? 15 year old Janey from a previousmarriage.?? I promised Ben that we wouldhave lots and lots of fun with Mary and Jane. The pun had us. "Hello, John," she said. "Come where I can see you, will you? Oh, there you are. I don't move as spryly as I used to. How very good of you to come."She was sitting easily on a divan as he shuffled around the corner to view her. For all of the years since their last meeting she looked little different; her hair was white now instead of blonde, her face somewhat—though only a little—wrinkled; but her eyes were still the same vivid, penetrating blue they had been, and her native intelligence shown.

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