Bebo Wedding Extended

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There was ametallic snick sound. I felt nothing. He let go of me and stood back. Iremained standing.He carried the tall wardrobe mirror over, and stoo... it in front of me. Icouldn't do anything but look at it of course. I saw my full reflectionfinally. I truly was a mannequin. Smooth, shiny, and bald, with thefrozen-pretty Xena face. Perfectly formed, medium sized upthrust breastmounds graced my chest. Delicate size 6 arched plastic feet, small handswith thin wrists and delicate fingers, poised. It wasn’t fair, she had two, one in her cunt, one on her mouth. I played with myself. Daddy would love it too, when he watched the film. “Ok guys,” I called. “Lets do the DP.”I watched as they moved Steph into position. I wanted the expression on her face, as she was doubly penetrated. She was high as a kite on sex, on her arousal. She’d been stopped from coming, until she’d almost begged. Then had multiple orgasms. I knew she wasn’t acting. I’d zoomed in on her pretty anus, as her sphincter. "When he came back,he sat right next to me and I thought "hmmm".Then he started telling me about his girlfriend,Bobbi,who he's been dating for a year."She's cool and all,like she gave me this sweet gold necklace for my eighteenth birthday, but she won't give me oral sex."That's how he said it.Oral sex.The Quaalude and scotch had really relaxed me."You mean she won't suck your cock?"I asked."Yea,she thinks it's dirty or some shit."Then he goes,"Sheila,when you're with your boyfriends,is that. The rules are clear on that. But I was headed straight to bed, so it didn't matter, right? I distinctly remember rolling my commuting jeans and underwear off as one unit, like a dirty rubber band, and slipping into a pair of cotton panties and a camisole top. Then I crawled in next to my snoring bear of a husband and slept the sleep of the damned.I woke up the next morning feeling great...birds shining, sun chirping. My cotton panties were neatly folded by the side of the bed, which was weird;.

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