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An hour later, one of the black guys she had met some months ago, a huge man called Lee, showed up from upstairs.Ana called him and she invited the gu... to join us at home for a hot tub.Once at home, all three of us jumped into the hot tub. My wife and I were playing around a little, when Ana saw Lee’s black dick had grown to a very impressive size.I dropped to my knees and gave her hot pussy a nice wet kiss before Lee took over and gave her what she really needed. This time, Ana had a little. Bev sent over an OK for them to finish the antelope and they rushed over to it and started tearing into it. It seemed strange to see them snarling at each other as they ate. Our three had each taken a section and had at it with no arguing.On the way back to the cave, I said, "Well, what are you going to do with these guys? You know you've only got a few days before you have to go back for school." I'm taking them home, of course. They're part of the family." Are they going to be OK around the. ”She began to slowly take her clothes off, looking at the worker as she did so. Brooke had a good eye as well. She thought the worker was very pretty. She looked at her from top to bottom. She might have been star material. However, something told Brooke that she was not that type of girl. She could be wrong though.“You look familiar... Very familiar,” The massage worker said. She checked out Brooke. “Brooke? Brooke Ashford?"Brooke was in her bra and panties when she said that. Brooke. We had had some serious discussions while I was buried between her legs and it was certainly a pleasurable way to learn a difficult lesson.She insisted on testing my acceptance that a woman owned her own body, not the possessive male of the moment. If she shared it, that was a gift to be treasured if it was with you, and if it was not then you should not take it automatically as a rejection or insult. I had discovered a number of times her pussy already wet and slick when I went there, with her.

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