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William though had to be more then 8 long and maybe 4 3/4 to 5 in diameter!Without saying a word he reached down grabbing the back of my head, pulling...me closer to him until my lips were literally pressed against his penis. I knew exactly what he wanted as I parted my lips allowing his large black cock to slide into my mouth. Taking him as deep as I could I started to suck his dick. Now, I am one of those women who like giving blow jobs but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would. I opened her door and with that she swung her legs round to step out, a quick look of inner thigh got my attention and I soon imagined running my hands up them.We chose a quiet place to sit outside and ordered drinks and some food. Conversation flowed easily and as Julie enjoyed her summer drinks more her cheeky side began to reveal itself, as did her thighs as she crossed her legs from one side to the other. I moved seats and joined her on the same side of the table, is at sideways on the. Carol gave him a scorching kiss and Raymond left for the master bedroom.Carol, John and I puttered around the house, having lunch, doing some necessary cleaning and just enjoying each others company. I made a grocery list and prepared to go shopping. John said he'd like to go with me. The two of us give Carol a peck on the cheek and head off to Quick Shop. At first we rode in silence, but John opened up about his feeling insecure with Raymond there. I put my arm around his shoulder and told. But, she is very responsible so I know that she'll be all right. You never told me what you've been up to. What do you do for a living?"I told her freely about all the trivia but as soon as I was about to tell her about my invention I hesitated. Took a deep breath and decided to risk it all."I've been working on inventions too. That takes up almost all my time, took rather. I don't have to work for a living any more." Oh, anything exciting?" Well, I think so." Tell me!" I've invented a Time.

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