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Once she was in her seat she was so happy to be going away her first time alone just left her bf her whole life story before we took off lol but l was...going to listen cause she was the plane went down the runway she asked if she could hold my hand she was scared l said sure her hands were so tiny in mine all l could think about how big my cock would feel in her hands.after the take off we had a couple of drinks and she seamed to get drunk quite quick the attendant kept giving me a sly. The Harreden worshipped her for the power she bestowed upon them. It however was power with a price this David knew.The Queen wore the bra-like support top that all Harreden females wore in her image, along with a short skirt slit at both sides to allow freedom of movement. The fabric was similar to white linen from earth and barely hid what was underneath."What do you want of me Dark Lady?" David asked not bothering to hide how anxious he was in her presence. Te'henna would see it none the. His teeth showing in his grin, Ireth felt her newfound hope stabbed and mutilated by piercing and sudden dread. The half-breed quickly untied her and led her towards a great tent set at the rear of their village. It was nothing beautiful, but large and weather-worn with many patches. The half-human flung the flap open and pushed her inside, closing the flap behind him. At his shove Ireth fell to her knees. “Get used to that position,” the half-human seethed in elven. Then in common, “As. I wanted it to be my first. I nodded at the dark strong stranger as he positioned his penis at my entrance. I stared up at the stranger for what looked could be his eyes. He moved up. Pushing the head of his penis through. I nodded again as I took a deep breathe. He quickly thrust his hips forward and in that thrust, his whole shaft was buried inside me. It hurt, no other pain in the world could compare to this. I felt as if I was being split in half. Instead of screaming or crying in pain, I.

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