Fat Desi Bhabhi sex act with neighbour

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Ambat woke me up by shaking me awake. “Bob, Barbara, and Fred need you in the office.” I looked at the clock and it was 10:32. I thought, ‘it ca...’t be night, because I went to bed at 11:00, it must be morning. I slept for almost 12 hours. Well I got up and quickly threw some clothes on and headed into the office. I saw four ghosts, Kilnary and three others. One was one of the species number 2 and two others I didn’t know. One of them was an insectoid type of humanoid and the other one looked. After reaching the floor Meera said good night to me the first word she talks to me after Hi in dinner hall. I just smiled to her and went to my room and I tried to sleep but Meera coming in one side and new place both not allowing me to sleep soon so I took cigarette and thought to have one so I went out where I seen is Meera talking to someone in her mobile phone. And she looked at me and smiled and went inside her room.I just lighten the cigarette and started smoking before the cigarette. With each thrust, her corresponding moan seemed to get louder, the sounds of our naked bodies slapping together ringing through the night air.We had been fucking for a while, I was using every technique I could think of to stop my self cumming, to hold off the inevitable. “Daddy, can I sit on your cock”. I pulled out, climbing on to the bed, she straddled me, lowering herself on to my cock. The sight of her slim body writhing on my erection was something I hadn’t even dreamed of. As she fucked. I started sucking her boobs….OH GAUDDDDD, JIJU WHAT ARE YA DOING………I AM FEELING….. OOOOOOOHHHH… AAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I knew she had started to enjoy this now. I couldn’t wait now, I removed my pants and saw the surprise in Rani’s eyes when she saw my 8” tool.She asked me very cutely…”now what are you going to do to me…I am feeling kind of strange”. I didn’t answer. I asked her to grab my cock in her hands and kiss it. At first she was a little hesitant but when I insisted, she tried. When I felt her.

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