Horny Desi Wife Fingering and Rubbing Her Juicy Pussy

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As we arrived at the bungalow, the manager told us that public nudity is i*****l in Mexico, but the authorities overlook it here at the resort because...tourism is too important to the local economy. One of the local officers works part time at the resort as a bartender and waiter and helps protect the resort and its visitors from theft. Inside the bungalow, there was a nice livingroom, small kitchen and bedroom. The window in the bedroom looked straight out to the ocean. We opened it up and. She was not much over 5 feet tall, lovely round firm ass and her biggest asset was her large breasts, I guess 34/36 DD plus. after I left military I spent many an evening drinking vodka with her and sometimes her husband or girlfriends in her hot tub and often when alone we would openly discuss sex and fantasies. one of her fantasies was being tied up and having no control over what happened to her, and further to this she loved the burlesque scene. I had often wondered about how it could. " Is this how you spend your evenings, getting ready for a 'hands on' experience?" Hands on, huh," she giggled. "Why Nolan, I think you might be having some naughty thoughts." Can you blame me?" I blurted ... almost immediately regretting my confession."Well, what do you know, he's finally getting around to saying what he really thinks," she said, still with humour in her voice.I cringed. "Uhhm ... yeah ... maybe so." Don't your feet get sore, tip-toeing around me all the time?"I sighed. After resealing the window, he wandered back to his bedroom to seek the comfort that Mia, even in her dormant state, could offer.A number of hours later, his slumber was disturbed by a loud rapping at his apartment door. Grumbling, he rolled out of bed to go answer it. He was taken aback by the unexpected figure that greeted him when he pulled it open. He barely recognized her in jeans and a Pittsburgh PD t-shirt instead of a uniform, and with her brunette hair, normally pulled tightly back.

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