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"Fantastic!", she thought, "This desert heat is murder!".----Just as Millie was about to open the glass door to the pool house, she saw the silhouette...of a young woman sitting at the edge of the pool with her back to the door. Millie could see the arms of another woman clenched tightly around her thighs, and she could just make out the color of the woman's auburn hair as it moved up and down in the lap of the young woman. 'Up and Down! Oh my God!', Millie thought to herself, 'She's a...'. Just. Dionysus is smiling at me. ‘You were dreaming in a dream,’ he says ambiguously. I do not understand him, and lie looking at him. Within myself I am saying, ‘I love you, I love you.’ There is burning desire such as I have not felt since long ago when someone loved and desired me. He was coming to me. A plane crashed and he was no more and my life meaning ceased. I am looking deep into Dionysus’ eyes… deep pools of liquid green. He is looking into my eyes and wordlessly he is asking, ‘Do you. Clean the sinks and counter tops in the washroom, shut down the furnace and check the doors and lights were all she needed to do before her nightly rounds. Butterflies careened in her stomach as she stood and began to finish up.The sense of helplessness had been growing stronger ever since she had first locked the doors. It was very intense now, as if a phantom being were penetrating her through some form of osmosis and taking control of her mind and body. She went about the last of her work. Her armpits area over her blouse were wet due to her sweat the aroma of her sweaty armpits were making me crazy I licked her both underarms before removing her blouse making her armpits more wet with my tongue. I removed her blouse completely.Now she was in her sky blue lace bra. (It seems that she had worn everything in matching sky blue saree, sky blue blouse, and sky blue petticoat). I asked her to raise her armpits, oh my god her armpits were so hairy and the sweat and my saliva were making.

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