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Why don't you get your makeup on and we'll do another take once you're ready. I know you're worried about today."Tori was about to say something when ...he felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around to see a heavyset man with black hair that seemed overly friendly, but there was something off about him."VJ?" he said, spinning her around a full circle. "You're killing me." Umm… I'm sorry. What did you call me?" VJ… you know? Your nickname… based off your initials… Victoria Justice… anyway…" he. ''I thought for minute, it was kinda hard to see properly with only the fire light, so I asked: 'Do you mind if I turn a light on?' I switched on a lamp and saw what I was now hoping for, cum leaking from her hairy cunt lips. 'It makes a great lube' she said; 'I can really thrust in as hard as I like, though it does cause Alan's cum to squirt out - that's why I got the towel out, I hope you don't mind.' 'Can we have some fun with his cum?' I asked and received a broad grin, almost a giggling. ‘We should shower first.’ She led me towards the shower by ‘my everything.’ ‘Was this why you came back for dinner?’ I asked, ever hopeful that my manhood could inspire such sluttish behavior. ‘Partly,’ she said, stepping into the big, glass shower and pulling me along. ‘Mostly because I’m a sucker for a sob story.’ ‘Interesting choice of words,’ I grinned as the smeared food left her face and her natural beauty re-emerged. ‘And, because you’re famous,’ she added, throwing me into a tailspin. Again, she cried out, clear now that they were nearer the top, “Cheater! You’re supposed to follow the trail.”She turned off the trail and started scrambling up the rough slope using her hands for support, but was no match for the a****ls who powered up the slope efficiently using their four feet to drive them up. They sprang onto the trail not far from the other humans watching, turned and panted while watching Annie follow.Scrambling to the top, “Enough with the racing. You two cheat every.

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