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. me. So I worried that...” She took a deep breath then spoke more clearly. “I worried that my dream had come true.”When she started to cry I he...d her in my arms and told her, “I’m so sorry I forgot to set out a note for you. I’ll never forget again. I love you too much to ever leave you. I’d do anything for you.”I held Elena in my arms for about ten minutes before she was calm enough to be apart. Soon after that we were sitting at the table eating our breakfast.At the table Maxine cleared her. He was not a prude, and was prepared to learn any new tricks of love if they brought pleasure. So he did not question her strange expressions, although as the evening wore on they seemed to come more frequently. They had drunk well, though not excessively, of red wine during the evening. Quite early, Joanna stood up decisively. ‘Let’s to bed, Terence. I think you still need rest.’ Again she smiled that secret, conspiratorial smile which had been playing around her face off and on all evening.. Her head was woozy. Drifting of. She felt heavier, her body didn’t react the way she wanted anymore. Her arms dangling limply at her side. Her knees trembling. She felt her body slumping into his arms. Her eyes turning up into her head.No, no, no. Hell no. She wouldn’t be chloroformed that easily, she thought. She forced herself to open her eyes again. He was holding her up, pushing her forward, slumping her into the passenger seat of her own car.He reapplied the cloth. She hadn’t even noticed. I shake for a minute. Who is it? What if it's a total stranger that accidentally opened the door? What if someone that walked past and saw me there? What if it's a police officer? I hear Ambers voice. "Oh Kim, are you okay?" She says. I hear the door open again and Pete pushes his way in. Amber is quickly tied next to me. I feel the tuck move as Pete gets out of the truck. We lay there next to each other. I feel Amber touching me. I hear her moans and the muffing sounds she is making in the.

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