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I told him nothing more than I expected, but I did not tell him she made me wet. When Fred was down on me that night, I wondered how Sandra would feel...down there rather than Fred. One thing she cannot do is penetrate me as Fred can. Love that man with his hard something in me.*At my next appointment, I decided to wear a dress to my knees, and I decided to show a little cleavage. I was going to wear a thong but decided on nothing but bare me under that dress. With the dress, I didn't need a bra. He didn't often call his sister, Stephanie (Armstrong, nee Newton). In fact, considering that she lived only a few miles away he didn't see much of her, but both of them would call if something had happened that was worth talking about, or if they'd had a particularly bad day. She'd been enormously supportive and worried during Laura's illness and death; she'd fretted continuously about him when he'd appeared unable to grieve for his wife."Hi, Steph, busy?" Never too busy for you, little bro'.". It felt like watching a movie when she bent over, deftly ran a finger over my moist slit and stuck it into her mouth. “Oh my god!” I inadvertently blurted out. “No, definitely not pee,” she giggled, “I’m so happy that you can enjoy the spanking too.” “But I didn’t enjoy it.” “Not so much when it happened,” Erin told me with a smile, “but it would feel far worse now if you weren’t turned on.” Thank god, the rest of the meal went by in silence. I focused on the pleasant taste and the warm feeling. When the drinks were served Ann challenged Todd to a drinking contest he accepted and on her go he started slamming it when she saw that she started rubbing his cock and he stopped and looked at her with a horny look. Ann moved closer and lifted her skirt up for him grabbed his hand and shoved it against her pussy and whispered into his ear “you want this pussy?” Todd nodded his head. Ann got out of the booth and told him to follow her. She lead him into the bathroom and waved at her friends,.

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