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That came from my best friend Renae. l've had a thing for her since before she got married in 85 & we've been best friends ever since. We lost contact...for 3 years until 96 when her husband moved an hour north of me to be a navy recruiter in Longview Washington. Anyway, she called me and we spent 5 hours on the phone hearing how bad her marriage was, and l promised to help her save it, or help her thru a divorce. She came to visit on a couple occasions and though were just friends we. She was in her late sixties and her new home had a list of things wrong with it. I told her that I worked as a handyman and asked if there was anything I could do. “I wouldn’t want you to do anything you shouldn’t.” She said. “It’s Ok, I could probably do with the practice.” I told her and shrugged, like it doesn’t matter. “Well, just as long as you’re sure.” So for the next week, after I had finished my job I would go to her house and fix whatever I had to. I never asked for pay,. .I was so happy…….Then we spoke a bit chat that morning and it went ofThe next day i knew she would come for jogging, as expected she came we met in the park we smiled each other and greated each other for the day. We sat each other and chatted for a while,the next two days went as usual……On the 5th day of the meeting in the park after our jogging on the bench we sat we were good friends by then,she asked me if i can join her for party as her friends are going for a party and they all were. She stepped close to me, could smell the aroma of her perfume, I could also smell the booze. She lit a cigarette and exhaled a plume of smoke into the air. Leaving the cigarette between her lips she reached down to the hem of her skirt. Show your Loyalty, she said and raised her skirt, slowly, and her "Clitty stood waving in the air. there was no hesitation on my part, I ran my hands up those nylon encased legs until I had two handfuls of ass and sucked in her clitty for all I was worth. .

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