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"Report!" he ordered as he entered the room.The Ships AI was the one that spoke."Jim, the Gray's new class of ship is in motion. Current plotted coars... is P371-7." On screen, then."The new ship was fast. It was just as fast as the federation ships. It was, after all, using stolen Federation technology in its drives. All heads on the bridge watched as the ship approached the small planet and launched something."Scanners show it to be a reentry vehicle, purpose unknown, however it is consistent. ”I took the chip and said. “Sir, would there be a chance that I observe something unusual?”The captain responded saying. “You will be very close to Freespace and the station sees little traffic, so keep your eyes open.”I knew this was all I would get as an answer.--””--Six hours later we found ourselves on a long range shuttle flight to Richter Base.--””--RICHTER BASE“Duty on a Class B Fleet Base sounds like a nice posting for a few weeks.” Said Hans leaning back as we sat in the Long Range. I couldn’t force Alicia to change her mind, and it sounded like she had chosen the lesser of two evils, at least in her own mind.That this whole thing made Little Willy and his sycophants even more obnoxious, was an almost expected side effect. I am a big enough man to admit that I took considerable pleasure in how Little Willy cringed and hid from me when he was alone, only standing up to me with his buddies backing his play.Apropos of absolutely nothing at all, did you know that hexes are. In my 9th standard summer vacation a young lady of 20 was appointed to give me some tuition prior of 10th standard. She was a glorious young lady. She has a nice firm breast and a nice ass. Sorry I can’t judge her figure for you. This time I start masturbate thinking of her. I never miss a chance of touching her.When ever I make mistakes she pinches me on my thigh. One time she pinch me for some mistakes which was actually correct. I challenged her and said that I will pinch her daily if I am.

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