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Rob smiled as he made his way home, thinking that he would be back in a few hours, dressed for success and with his secret weapon.Sven was cleaning hi... fishing gear after a morning of fishing. He had caught a few which he decided he’d throw on the grill for dinner. He loved being alone on his boat, just him, on one of the many lakes, and the fish. He looked up when the door to the house opened and Rob walked out. He slid down his sunglasses and walked down the steps.“Morning, you look a bit. " YEEEESSS!" She shouted.I was immediately surrounded by well-wishers, offered cigars and suggestions for "June ... June is traditional," and generally felt I'd said something I didn't.And there wasn't anything I could to stop it.Instead of going home ... we went to Uusikaupunki and the Valmaat shops.The Audi got a thorough going over ... by Dal's mechanics and Wendy and I took the Baltic out in the Gulf of Bothnia heading for nowhere in particular.Three weeks before Germany, we took the boat. . um, I'm really sorry I disturbed you..." Nonsense," smiled Fionna, "I'd love to have someone to play with. Tina, are you coming in too?"Tina was startled by the invitation, but eagerly agreed. Cindy had been teaching her how to play the whistle, and she was coming along pretty fast. She had the music in her blood, and with her memory, she never forgot either fingerings or a tune. She was actually more interested in the mandolin though. She liked how it sounded.Cindy and Fionna soon settled on. My brother was a jock and sat at the lunch room A table because he was popular," she said. "He always had money and I was awkward, clumsy and broke." And," Nyo made that 'tell me more' gesture that people who have to talk with their hands make when they're sure there's more to come. Italians and French do it ... the English never do."I realized it was my money he had," Connie said. "Nobody liked me because he talked bad about me to everyone. My face was my family's fault." What?" They had this.

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