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They shown me to my room and i went to bed, A couple of days later their friends came over to the villa for drinks and we all had a nice meal and a ch...t. After the meal we sat outside on the terrace with drinks and their friends Suzanne and Paul asked us to join them on their yacht the morning after , My Auntie Liz and Uncle John agreed and so did i. The next morning we woke up early and got the stuff we needed and went down to the marina , we walked to their yacht and joined them, about an 2. Her breasts were round, her cleavage was tightly packed and her boobs overflowing from her blouse, her saree below her navel and tightly wound on her arse. She had full lips and was a ready to fuck bitch. My wife called asking “kaun aaya hai Shiva”, and Shantis eyes went wide and she whispered…”memsahab ghar pe hain?” While adjusting her blouse, her pallu and her saree and suddenly looking very presentable rather than a fuck ready willing slut whore that she looked like a second ago. And she. The following morning we made it downstairs to find Alma in the kitchen, humming as she worked on a second batch of pancakes. I guess she'd heard us coming and figured after what she'd heard last night we'd be starving. She was right. Alma had a pleased look that suggested Joseph had once again made her happy before he took off with my dad to the hardware store or wherever they liked to go on Saturday mornings.Alma gave me a lingering kiss when I entered the kitchen, followed by the same kiss. As I entered the auto there was one more guy sitting on the front sit, i was bit confussed but auto driver sai “Madam he is my auto owner,Dont you worry I he will sit on the front seat”. I agreed and sat on the back. We started moving, and then he asked me where I am coming from. I said “airport”.He asked “went to leave some one”.I said”Yes”. They came to know I didnot knew Tamil and they started talking tamil in themself. I was wearing a saree and my pallu was bit low,and both the guys were.

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