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We decided to get fuckin drunk later that night, and he had said he talked to Megan earlier about drinkin. Travis had stayed a few nights with me and ...e always seemed to get pretty fucked up. Megan was a counselor with us that year at camp, and she was also best freinds with Libby, my girlfreind. Megan and I had flirted quite a bit at camp that year. We were chicken fighting in the pool one day, Megan on my shoulders, and travis with another female counselor on his. Whenever we would fall into. We both laughed.'When he graduated, he went to culinary school. He met Greg there andthey fell in love. They're living together in the city and trying to gettogether enough money to open their own restaurant.''I can see Uncle Carl now. First Brian, now me. He will think our sideof the family is really demented.''Except that Brian is his son from his first marriage. He isn't relatedto our side of the family. I would say you even things up,' Mom kiddedme.'What about Cousin Julie? First her. I left the next day to continue my trek and eventually returned home.2 years ago I returned to Southern Germany in business.I took the weekend off, rented a car and returned to that small town.A wave of memories came over me as I drove up the small road I had walked several years earlier.I found what appeared to be the streambed where I remembered and decided to see for myself if I was crazy or not.I once again climbed up the mountain to where the trees and brush were thick.This time it seemed. " You look like her, you know. I like brunettes. Do you think she's a real brunette? Maybe she has fixed hair and she's dark on top and blonde down there. You think that's possible?"Marjorie laughed. "Does it really matter?" I told you I like brunettes."She knew he was teasing her, but the racy talk soon had its effect on her. Then she gasped as he pulled the hem of her dress back until her thighs were exposed."Don't do that!"He whispered at her. "The driver can't see anything."Maybe it was.

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