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I knew him and his character, he was a womanizer. Nothing would he do. Come on let’s do our job,” Said Naren.“Hey what are you saying?”“Yes ...y darling, he used to fuck our Neela too,” said Naren.I was stunned.“Not only that, he will go to local brothels also. I used to drop him thereby,’ said Naren.I heard all the facts with my mouth wide open.Is it enough, madam? Shall we continue our session.Yeah, come to me. I pulled him over. While we were busy over here, our maid 41 years old Neela was. I loved the feel of it, it looked sexy and i was even more turned on than before. When i was done she brought me in the bedroom and i saw a slutty outfit laid out on the bed. "I know how much you love wearing my panties so i bought this for you. Dont you want to look sexy for me when i fuck you?" My cock was rock hard and already dripping precum. She helped me put on the stockings and garters and panties and bra and cocktail dress and heels. I felt soo fucking sexy wearing it for her. She made. ”“Thanks Linda” I replied, wondering if she was being sincere and had no idea about what her Step-mom and I did…. Or did Linda know everything? I couldn’t tell. “I’ll do my best.”“And that’s ALL she wants” Linda added with a chuckle. “See you around.” She turned, flipping her long blonde hair around and over her shoulder as she walked away, her very sharply ass barley covered by her tight cut-off jeans.“Yea” I answered, my head still buzzing, “see ya’ around.”The following Wednesday, I was at. One thirty years past a prime that was probably no better than average, the other right in her prime, and looking pretty good for it.Ellen is chatting away as if she has a time-limit on telling her story, “I’ve always been a wee bit kinky, but I’ve never been inte animals ... Never even thought about it to be honest ... Then a while back, that show ‘Black Mirror’ was on ... The first episode, when the Prime Minister had to fuck the pig ... I found myself uncontrollably turned-on by the idea. A.

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