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I slipped my tongue into her bellybutton, and heard her giggle as her stomach tightened. I slipped my finger out of her, and slid both hands under he... legs, and back to her ass. Gently pulling her forward, I let my tongue continue its journey down to her pussy. I lift her legs slightly, to allow better access to her. My tongue starts at the top of her lips, flicking quickly, making her jump just a bit. I slide over her clit, just beginning to fully emerge from its curtain of cover. I. Gradually I branched out in search of bigger and richer rewards. When it came time to pay my tuition I would spend a fewnights hanging out in the cocktail lounge of a hotel about 40 miles from the University. It was heavily frequented by visiting business types and consequently it was rather easy to pick up horny corporate executives looking for a good cock sucking or a one night stand.In fact, I spent somuch time there that the bartender and waitress and I became quite friendly. When they saw. Plenty big for one person or two lovers, but not for a single woman and her 19 year old babysitter. In mid thought Lori emerged from the bathroom. She had removed her makeup and now wore a robe. This wasn't the big fluffy hotel robe. No this was a pink "covering" that didn't cover all that much. It went down to just past her round ass. The material was more or less see through. The tie was around her up near her naval, but open up top all the way down to just before her belly button. It showed. If I hadn?t come or something happened to me on the way, the consequences would have been fatal. I was so incredible turned on by the very idea of the situation that I immediately became hard. Grabbing the toys off the floor I found a nice collection of items. She had a vacuum cupping kit, string of somewhat large anal beads and glass dildo, that to be quite honest, was VERY cold to the touch after sitting on the cold hardwood floor for some time. I took one of the smaller cupping devices and.

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