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I pushed open the door of my son’s room and headed for his closet but when I glanced at the bed I saw him on it, his eyes were closed and his headph...nes were on. Instantly, I gasped and covered my breasts with my arm but he didn’t budge from his position. I would have assumed he was asleep but the covers were slowly moving up and down in the area of my boy’s winky. “Oh boy,” I thought to myself. “What on Earth do I do now if he notices me?” I watched intently for nearly 60 seconds and noticed. ” I could feel my prick stiffening in my hand and looking back down I held it firmly and tried to will myself to go. “I couldn’t believe it this morning when I woke up. It was so nice having a man in bed next to me, especially when it was you. We both had our fantasies come true.” She stepped close to me and putting one hand on my shoulder used her other hand to reach down and cover my hand that was holding my cock. “When I was married to Brett, I loved to hold his cock and help him pee. But. She led me to another back room, gave me a tube of lube, and pushed me in. The old black guy from earlier was standing by a dirty looking bed, naked. My cock hardened again, I badly wanted to wank. "Now for a piece of white cuntboy," he said grinning "On your knees and get me ready!" I did as he ordered and kissing his hairy balls and sucking him hard; I started to pull down my panties. "Leave them on faggot, I don't want to see your bits" he whispered. I pulled my gusset aside and lubed. All boys at the age of 16 go through a testing phase. It is there they are given a title of Man or Sissy, depending on the evaluation of the test. Basically if you cock is under 4 1/2 inches of length, and through scientific tests it is proven that it will not grow any more then that boy is officially becomes a sissy and his gender is changed forever. Now the remaining men go through an additional test to also see how large their cocks will grow to in the future. Those well endowed men who are.

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