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As we were leaving I told him to take me home and fuck me as we walked by a table with a single man sitting at it. I smiled at him as I wiggled my him.Once in his truck, John told me the night was young yet we have another stop yet. We drove a short distance and pulled into a bar. John told me he would go in stand at one end of the bar. I was to come in and sit at the bar. Then I could take it from there.I left him to go in then I walked in. I looked around and I don't think there was a. I was completely helpless and really scared. He laughed meanly and said, “Remember how you were going to hand me your panties when you met me? You didn’t and now you’re still wearing them.” And I suddenly realized what was in my mouth—my panties, held there by a thick rubber band around my head.“I ought to fuck your ass dry,” he said as I felt something cold drip on my exposed asshole. “But I’m going to do you a favor, even though you don’t deserve it.” More cold stuff dripped on me and then he. Will's resistance to step forward was partly due to the small part of his brain desperately trying to maintain some form of morality, but it was mostly because he and Yvette had already told each other that their day together was a one off.Even now, with his cock raging hard and a woman he knew could fuck standing right before him Will's inner angel told him to go. He mumbled something that sounded like an apology to Yvette and slowly turned to go.Yvette knew it was the right thing to do, and. Convince me that it's safe for me to untie you." Hmm. Master, while I know I belong to you and that I'd do whatever I could to make sure you were safe and happy, I can see why you're not sure. I'd beg you to believe me, but that won't actually help convince you, so let me think. I could shout to her if that's ok. Or you could tie something around my neck before you untie me or..."Kristen came back in the room and put her head back on my knee at this point, so I interrupted Jeremy and said that.

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