I could have done without the piss though

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Bob was enjoying himself as well. He loved how tight she was. Their mother heard Bobs sister scream. She raced upstairs to help her. What she saw both...surprised, and aroused her. Her pussy was soaking wet. Bob and his sister stopped, and stared at their mother in silence. Their mom then took off her clothes, got on the bed, and squatted on Bobs sisters face. Bobs sister knew just what to do, and she started to eat out her mother. Their mother was moaning and then said oh yeah baby eat mommys. " But it's really uncomfortable mom," whined Greg. "I can't stay like thisall night." The website says you'll get used to it in no time and it's no big deal,"said Laura handing the jeans to her mother. "It says cross dressers do itall the time or have special underwear which obviously we do not."Greg was beyond embarrassed as his mother pulled up his jeans now andsnapped them in front. She then took some little nude ankle peds andslipped them over his feet before she tried a few shoes on. ” laughed Andrea. “It was exciting, and made me wet, but I wondered when and how he got off on what he saw.”“What did y’all do, Momma? asked April.“Oh, she answered the door butt naked and gave him the money when he gave her the pizza.” I said.“Really?” squealed April. “Are you going to do that with this one?”“We’ll see who they send out.” was my answer.We had a plan in place as April peered out the curtains. “Here she comes.”Andrea laughed. “Your time, David!”“Yeah, my cock may poke her. This was an excellent way to declare war on her former master, Jehovah, by fucking an angel this way and impregnating her before the eyes of the world.“Robert, don’t be idle, my dear. You deserve my thanks for discovering what she really is. Plus, you’ve been very helpful to me in general here. Pick your partner or partners for the next action, which is yours. Do as you please with them,” Azrael directed her archangel, who was only too happy to tap Roksana and Ariel for his desired threesome.As.

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