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"It's okay. I just wondered where you went when you weren't in bed." Annie said, and kissed Clare's neck. Clare closed her eyes and let out a soft sig.... It just seemed so wrong to ruin the rather romantic moment."Come on. Let's make breakfast." Annie said, and took Clare's hand. Clare couldn't help but to tell herself how right everything felt, and nodded, before following Annie inside, watching her perfect ass sway back and forth. "If you keep walking like that, I might have to skip breakfast. If you do not, you will be punished. If you please me, I may choose to reward you. As long as you wear it you are mine and I will protect and care for you.”And since that day I have never taken it off. I am proud to wear the symbol of my submission and it is also a great comfort to me when I am separated from Master, knowing that I belong to him and that he cares for me. 2.I do not live with Master. When I am not with him he will send me a text message to summon me when he requires me. If I am. Just looking at his dark, mottled skin, and his face which was scarred and pocked from countless battles, was unsettling to the Enchantress. Thrym folded his hands together, and smiled broadly. He seemed to know something that the Enchantress did not. "Today is a great day, marking a new era of peace between the kingdom of the Frost Giants and ourselves," said the all-father. "Thrym and I have signed a treaty, assuring peace between our peoples, and you are to be a part of this, Lorelei.". She came near me , held my hand aside and grabbed my cock with one hand and pulled my neck down to kiss me with other. I started kissing her back, grabbing her ass. She pulled my dick and brought me more near to her.I started pressing her boobs while her against the wall. She than pushed me and went to the balcony. Thanks to location of my house no one can see who is in the balcony. I pulled her hand and brought her inside. Due to rain she was wet and more sexy now.I started exploring her body..

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