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We finally took the escalator upstairs and started roaming the clothing areas. Not that we were looking for anything sepecial. We were just enjoying...a little fun and flirtation time. My mind was really more on getting back to her place and ripping her clothes off.As we walked through the clothes Lisa continued to rub across me. As we passed the dressing rooms in the middle of the store she turned to me and whispered in my ear, "Are you doing OK?" I'm just really turned on." I answered back.. I’ll wait three minutes for you to get it. Move goddamn it now!’ When the young man left it didn’t take but a few seconds of finger manipulation for Lisa to give herself a self satisfying little orgasm before she finished dressing. When Aaron handed the negative over, Lisa let her stern scowl turn into a light smile and she pulled his head down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. ‘Thank you. Now let’s both forget that this afternoon ever happened. Maybe next Saturday you can be my bridge. After 10 minutes I left her boobs and prepared myself for the final stage.She understood my desire and left a sexy moan from her sexy lips. I dropped my pants along with my underwear. She widened her legs. I have a uncut cock and was inexperienced about fucking.I tried inserting my tool in one go but her pussy was slippery due to my massive licking and her love juice. She giggled on my childish act and adjusted my cock on the entrance of her hole. I pushed again and it went in. I cannot. I asked, “How many blow-jobs have you given?”She said, “Two, Robert, and now you.”“You need to be taught how to properly suck a cock. Don’t you?”She lowered her head, nodded, and quietly said, “I guess so.”I told her, “Be here at 1:00 AM tomorrow for a lesson.”“What? I can’t. I won’t.” Alex protested.“Then, I’ll be sure to send copies of my report to Daddy and his wife.”“No! Please don’t.” She begged.“Well?” I asked.“OK! I’ll be here.” She had resigned herself to doing as I instructed.She.

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