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My breasts shook and jiggled as my hips bucked into his hungry tongue.I exploded.Pleasure shot through my body. I screamed out in wordless delight. My...warg lover's tongue feasted on my pussy. He drank down the juices squirting out of my cumming cunt. The pleasure surged through my body like a tidal wave, crashing into my mind. The sky spun above me as I was consumed with forbidden rapture.And the warg's cock throbbed red between his legs. I locked on it. I needed to feel that monster inside me.. That wasn’t happening and my mind began to try and figure out what the more serious possibilities were. Shit, this was going to be bad. The rubber feet of Katherine’s chair squeaked on the tiled floor as she angled it towards me. Neither the voice in my head nor I knew what to make of this. It looked- friendly? No, not ‘friendly’ but... We waited with baited breath. Whatever it was Katherine was now looking serious. It was a ‘good’ serious though. Maybe ‘intent’ would be a better word. Then it. .Wagera..Phir kiya psnd hai kiya nhi…Woh jese jese baat krte gae mujh se impress hote gae q ki use nhi pata tha ki mai itna bolta hon use to dar tha shaadi k baad bhi baat kr paegi ki nhi mujh se dhire dhire baat barhi imo or whatsapp pr vedio calling bhi hone lagi isi tarah kch months baat hote rahi.Mai bhi darr se zyada kch bolta nhi tha use woh puchti thi kesi lag rahi mai hamesha talta rahta tha bolta tha han achi hi lag rahi then usne ek din puchna mai apko psnd to hon maine kaha han tum. She made her way through the crowd, getting appraising looks as she went. She knew she looked good dressed in her short denim skirt and blue button down top. The neckline of the top was low cut enough to show the cleavage that her favorite new bra had provided. She was wearing heels that were high enough to bring her eyes a little more level with his and they made her legs look fantastic. Others were looking at her, but her eyes were only for him as she made her way through the crowd.When she.

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