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I found the right office, and inquired about my former Commander. It seems that the boy captain had made major."I went in to see him — without an ap...ointment. He wasn't happy to see me. I, on the other hand, was delighted to see him in his new office. I locked the solid wood door as I closed it. I then told him what a dickhead he was, and proceeded to beat the holy shit out of him. It took a while for the MPs to break in, so by the time they got in there, the son of a bitch was about dead. They. I found it to be a huge rush because I enjoy being in charge.After we had gotten into strapon sex, I started to make it even kinkier. One day I called him while he was out and told him we were going to "get down" which was our code for me doing him in the ass. I said I wanted him to take his shower and get ready when he got home. As he was getting out of the shower, I walked in to the bathroom, and said we are going out to dinner, and to put on what I had laid out for him. At this point, I was. I wore a blond wig which I'd styled tolook as much like Alex's hair as I could manage, and I think it workedbecause Rupert kept looking at it as if trying to recall where he'dseen it before. "I have a present for you." he said, extracting a small box from hisjacket pocket. "Hope you don't mind."I opened it and found a small gold heart-shaped locket on a gold chainnestled in black velvet. It was engraved on the back 'To Penelope, fromRupert, with love and affection.'"It's lovely." I said. "Thank. ’ After a while she started to talk, her voice soft and slow. ‘He came to the house where I was held with five other girls. He came with some men. Everyone seemed to be in awe of him, he looked us all over. We were scared. More scared than when all the other men came and looked at us to choose which one they wanted to fuck with.’ Stopping talking for a few minutes as she gathered up her strength, she then continued, the memory hard to verbalise. ‘He chose me. I was so scared, he had a look of.

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