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This is the perfect payback, and I am going to get my revenge. If they agree, I am going to bend over backwards to embarrass them. I hope you will sup...ort me on this, Honey." Glen had rarely seen her as resolute, so he agreed. He was shocked at her plan and wondered how he could follow through, but it was obviously important to her. He tried to imagine what they could have done to trigger such retribution."One question, Julie. Did this terrible thing happen the night before you blew up at me?". Are we playing eighteen today, or just nine?” She walked out of the thicket, with all of us following her. After nine holes, the girls and I decided that we were just too tired to continue on with the back nine, and we went back to the cabin.epilogueThat was the beginning of the end of my life, as I knew it. You see I’m now an inmate at Haleyville State Penal Institution. Sally, Alex and I arrived at the cabin, and got out of the truck. After opening the door, I tossed my keys on the coffee. Mom used a brush on my hair, and almost withouteffort, she had turned me into a virtual clone of my sister!Dressing as a girl was one thing, but acting like one was entirelyanother, and beauty pageants are filled with real live girls, everyone ofwhom would probably cut your throat to win and move up. That's why Iwasn't eager to dress this way. I doubted it could be done, and eventhough there was a rumor that some guy had made it to the finals once, Ididn't even want to try that! But, there are. Except I'll get my head shaved and have a tattoo. You don't mind, do you?" she giggled. It was a well-calculated move. Our conversation quickly shifted from her leaving in ten months to what kind of tattoo she should get and where it should be placed.Rhonda was the last of 'our generation' to turn twenty-one, on Monday. Our parents were still at the ranch as it was the holiday."No offense, Danielle, but how do you stand drinking this stuff?" she asked after taking her first sip of the.

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