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I knew the full implications of such like questions, if this was what she really desired. It meant my every dream coming true that we shall be lovers....It meant that I would cherish ravish her beautiful body. Did she mean that we would have c***dren together and live as man and wife? I was not sure, how. I had always believed that siblings were there for unconditional loving, no matter what. To me love meant bodily love, the love of souls as well. Bodily love including sex, occasional sex, off. ‘Oh, I’m sure it’ll be a while before her class gets outside, you know how they tend to take their time.’ She stepped closer as she spoke, ‘So how are you enjoying your first time teaching?’ ‘Oh, quite well actually, but I really do need to go.’ I stepped passed her and headed out, but not before a pout came about her face. As I walked up to my car I saw mom parked next to me, and her speaking to Allie and Lyla. A feeling of worry came across me as I approached them, what were the talking. Two Bears had sought out Red Fox and Dark Sky, the two brothers who had helped with the building of his lodge. It was shortly after his return from his journey. He described to them both how he wanted the foundry constructed, including the several openings for adding coals and coke to the furnace. In a part of the forest close by the village, and very near to the river, the two brothers had built carefully with huge quantities of river clay. As they worked, Two Bears would come out to see to. He wondered where she was going with this."I wouldn't really say I SENT you on a date." Would you have sent Abigail on a date, all night, with another guy?"That question froze Jack. Of course he wouldn't. Then it hit him what Allison was driving towards. If he loved HER like he loved Abigail, why did he treat their relationships differently?Abigail finally spoke."Allie, Jack loves you. We both do."Allison looked up at her sister."Are you committed to me?" Of course." I mean REALLY committed?".

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