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Sometimes he wouldfantasize what those lives were like, trying to think of how alumna Mollywas managing with her brood of five children or how alumna ...ennifer wasworking out at her job as an airline flight attendant. Some of them almostobsessed him: the former high-tech executive whom he transformed into awaitress at Hooters, the lonely and unloved student who now ran a bridalshop, the former construction worker who was now a seamstress. Theirdreams came true, or as close to true as it was. “You’re such a tease,” you say sliding down beside me, your hand going between my legs to stroke.“Get on your stomach.” Before I can hesitate you flip me over. You lift my hips up to put a pillow under me, exposing me to you. I feel your finger probe against me, lightly rubbing my clit. You push my legs apart with your knees. Feeling my unease you try to reassure me, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle until you’re used to me.”Your hands grip my hips as you guide yourself to my opening. You push the. ”“Mom took my cherry!” Anabella gleefully said. “I bet I'm tighter than you.”“No shit, pipsqueak. But Mom won't have any complaints.” I winked at my sister. “I know how to please a dick with my cooch.”Anabella giggled and sat up. I slid onto the bed, Mom moving to let me spread out. Then she was between my thighs, her large breasts swaying over me. I groaned and grabbed her tits. I squeezed those big, lush mounds. I had suckled from these as a babe.They were such gorgeous tits.Mom settled. ‘Not really,’ she said. ‘Worst day ever. My husband has been pissing me off constantly, and when i try to tell him to stop or get back at him, he passes it off as a joke. My daughter wants a tattoo and when i say no keeps saying I’m old and prudish and never do anything risky or taboo. Now, in addition to my normal Saturday work, which all you don’t have to do, Sandy is making me clean her office because she’s a neat freak that never keeps neat. I’m so mad i could scream.’ ‘You should tell them.

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