Morning Sex with Wife Part-2

It was painful since i was a virgin..He tore my hymen and i was bleeding ,,but my desire was not even a bit down and i still wanted him to go on..He s...arted ramming like a bull..He was doing it so fast,,and I was shouting Ahh!! Hmm!! Yeah !! Fuckk mee !! fuck me !! Ahh ,, …And in some time I had a really intense orgasm ,,my whole body started to shiver ..I tightly hugged him ..I couldn’t even breathe properly for some time..I was lying hugging him for sometime..I was lying by his shoulders and. He watches her back out of the driveway, smiling all the while. Abigail has always been a good kid. From the day she was born to two loving parents, she hardly ever cried. She's a good listener, and isn’t one to talk back. She’s a happy person, despite all the unfortunate circumstances she’s lived through. She lost her father when she was very young. Her mother didn’t love again for a long time, until years later when she found Mateo. He was the most honest, kindest person she’d met since her. Mara never wore underwear under he skirt. It started when she first lost her virginity. Someone made a joke that she should give easier access - so she did.She walked up to her dad and straddled him while facing him. She lifted up one leg and ran her hand down her smooth thigh, looking back at their neighbour who now had his cock out of his pants and was stroking a rather large hard-on. He was focused on her and looked rather stern. Mara bit her lower lip and looked back at her Dad. She slid. ..”“Since you last fucked him?” I demanded nastily. “Not that that’s any of my business, so don’t tell me.”She looked down and then up at me again. “I haven’t seen Reg since the last time I saw you.”“And I should believe you ... why?”She shrugged hopelessly and shook her head. “I didn’t think you’d still be so angry. When I last saw you, when I left the flat, I thought you’d worked through it.”“Yeah? Well, that’s what happens when you watch your wife, who promised to love you forever and always.

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