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"What are you looking for today, Alice?" She asked."I'm actually shopping for my friend, here." Oh," the saleswoman replied as she gave Drew a look.As the saleswoman walked away from them, Drew whispered, "She's on tome."Alice patted his shoulder and said, "Don't worry about it," while she ledhim through the shop to the shoe section."What if she asks me something?" Disguise your voice." How?" Drew whispered."Go with an accent." An accent?" Drew said before Alice took hold of a pair. I think they'd look much better on your hands than in those boxes. Don't you?"He got no response from the girls."TRINA! CINDY! Breath girls." Jim finally got their attention.Cindy exploded with joy. "Oh my God! Is this for me, Master? Is it real? It's beautiful! It's mine?"To tease her a bit, Jim answered her rhetorical questions in the order she ask them. "Yes! Yes! Yes, it is. And Yes!"Cindy looked at him with a quizzical expression. "Huh?"Jim repeated his answers with just a bit more. The door opened and Kay walked in. She looked at the two of them and shook her head like a mother hen disapproving of her chicks."Kay, what news do you bring?" Benni said."Family Coldune was attacked without provocation in Beta sector, at Ghaddi 3," Kay said. "They easily thwarted the marine ships but failed to load all of their purchased supplies. Now the government on Ghaddi 3 is spooked."Benni got red in the face. "Enough of these provocations," he said. "They seek to isolate us at every. He told me that he'd always been curious of having gay sex and that he'd like me to be his first! I was enjoying the fact that I was seducing a staight guy but know I could do what I pleased.We quickly embrassed in what turned out to be a hot, passionate kiss. I gave it some time before I started to insert my tounge deep into his mouth, touching one another when I finally felt his hard on. We kept going at it for a while, until we dried off and wenr to my bedroom. Joe's penis was about the same.

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