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I plan to go back and print the first one too. I think if I study his notes I may be able to understand these experiments.I put the next disc in the c...mputer, just as I hear mom getting up from her nap. She goes into the bathroom and I decide to just take a peek at the pictures before she comes downstairs. What a fucking shock when I open the first picture and I'm staring at a naked picture of my mom. She's sitting on uncle Harry's bed in the exact same position as Nicole. Shit, I can't believe. ."My job is to train these girls, to ensure you are all properly greetedeach week, except for those of you who don't leave." She gives anothersmile directed at a couple of the older 'girls' "And I monitor some ofthe security cameras, and have a direct hotline to security.. so don'tyou go misbehaving girls."Mistress Thorne scans the class. "Well then girls, say thank you to MissMelody, and we'll be on our way." Thank you Miss Melody," we chorus and she smiles back."You're quite welcome girls,. Mom and dad had already left for work that morning and I had just finished a light breakfast when the doorbell rang. I was happy to see it was aunt Julie at the door. Seeing her raised my spirits immediately. She was responsible for my high school grades being good enough to get a scholarship for college. No one else knew enough about math to help me through it. I invited her in and she said she stopped by to encourage my job hunting. She was dressed a little different than usual. Those. Three weeks ago my wife had to spend four nights away due to the changes she has to impliment in her stores, which ment I spent the time at home with mum in law. The second night I was out side having a smoke before I went to bed, and my mum in laws bedroom window is on the same side of the bungalow. I just could not resist it I had to have a peep through the window. There is about an inch gape at the edge of the blind on her window. So I could see into most of her room. I whatched her.

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