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We got back into the game and this time, I won over David. I couldn’t help but look over at Mary as though I was debating whether to go for it or no.... Mary smiled and nodding her head up and down, said “Yes, yes, do it!” So, I kind of shyly looked over to David and said, “I want so see you suck that beautiful cock of Mark’s.” David’s face flushed crimson as he said, “So is that what you girls were cooking up in there?” Mark just kind of grinned at Mary and I as he got up and went over to David. A true friend. Once we got to high school nothing changed. Bitch hips still had the same figure and people still picked on him. But I was always there for him. He never had a girlfriend. All through high school he grew into a depression. I tried everything to help him.It wasn’t until after we graduated that he snapped out of it. I planned a week long getaway for him and I at this place in the mountains. Stacy loved to fish, so I figured some trout fishing would make him happy. My folks were. Consequently, things around the house never got done. A window would crack and eventually start to break, a tap would start to leak, or the garden would need tending. None of this got any attention as my mother struggled to bring me up and look after dad on her own. Soon the house was in a state of disrepair while dad continued on with his shouting.I didn’t have a happy c***dhood as you can imagine. The only enjoyable times I remember were losing myself in the extensive, overgrown gardens…. ? Her penis began to wilt. Suddenly, Patrolman Rogers? abusive treatment of her no longer seemed sexy. It seemed cruel and hurtful. Her prick softened more, dwindling in her hand. She released the softening, shrinking organ as a tear coursed down her cheek.The memory of his uncaring laughter flooded her with memories of the way others - mostly men - had treated her and recollections of her transsexual sisters? horror stories. Men like Dave Rogers had savagely beaten transsexuals. Some shemales.

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