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.?" I'll be wearing my garter belt, stockings and panties. I promise!" That's my girl! I have big plans for you and can't wait to see how youturn out!...Now you be good and I'll see you on Friday!"And with one last kiss, she turned and walked back to her car and droveoff, leaving me standing there in a daze until I came back to Earth andrealized I needed to get busy with my schoolwork!It seems contradictory, but the next two days both crawled by interminablyslow, but at the same time, it felt. So we were quite excited when one of our friends finally cajoled us into going out and meeting with a few of his friends. He was of the flamboyantly gay variety, so we met up at a packed gay bar in Chelsea.The first few people to join us were various acquaintances we knew, but as I came back with our second round of drinks, I saw a few new faces standing around with our group. A couple, in fact. Now, as east-coasters who married young, we don't have a lot of "couple" friends - most people we. Ah..ahshhhhhhh….and I enjoyed it very much and I said her to sleep showing her ass up to me she slept I stretched her ass and smelled it and it was very nice it licked her very cute ass hole and her ass hole was like a tight hole and it was cute and I took some honey and asked her to stretched her ass and filed her ass hole with honey and I licked her ass andI took some dry fruit date palms and I pushed them in her ass and I asked her to stand and I kissed her ass cheeks and I slapped her ass. The downstroke was less painful: and as the pain eased, he started feeling that sensation of Gavin’s tongue on his hole, only one hundredfold. He moaned around Peter’s cock. After two or three slow strokes, it started feeling good. On the fifth upstroke, he pressed his ass back against Gavin eagerly. Peter’s cock popped out of his mouth, and he gasped, “Oh, fuck. Yes. Fuck me.” Gavin gradually increased his tempo. Ecstatically, Jonathan started sucking Peter harder and faster, and soon his hips.

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