Lucky Guy Fucking MotherinlAw

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"Oh, Amy, you are so beautiful. I just love your body." I want you to know that I'm a virgin, Holt. Just so you know." Well, that's okay, so am I. I'v... never done it either." Well, maybe we should do oral. You know, sixty-nine. You've done that?" Um, yeah," I lied. I mean, I know what it is, so I'm not going to screw up there."You want on top or bottom?" Whatever you like best," I replied, dodging the issue all together."I guess on the top," and I lay down and she swiveled over me as I watched. By Saturday night their world, their very lives, would forever change. All TV coverage concerned itself with The Hurricane. Warnings went up quickly as the meteorologists worked tirelessly to figure which way the storm would turn next. People up and down the coast boarded their homes and loaded everything they could carry into their cars and trucks and fled inland.But the lovers stayed on, even hiding from a patrol of National Guardsmen who had orders to force stragglers to evacuate. In every. "Yes, I bought a pickup truck to replace it. I decided, I finally wanted to be able to carry my bicycle and a loaf of bread at the same time." I said it with a laugh."I wonder how you will change that poor pickup. You do have a habit of remaking everything. Even the people in your life, but then usually it is for the better." she said."Just usually," I asked."I'll have to think some before I go back on a vague answer," she smile. You brought me a hundred turkeys, the least I can do is give you. " this" ...SLAP.... "Is for" ....SLAP.... "your disgusting behaviour" .....Slap....."Do you understand young lady".......SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP..."OWWW Yesss sorry im sorryyyyyy !........" Her bottom was turning pink already from the firm controlled smacks Brad was laying on it, he certainly seemed a natural at spanking. If he was honest he was enjoying it too. Watching intently as her bare bottom cheeks jiggled with each stroke of his strong hand , her fleshy full moon turning crimson before him.

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