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" She grabbed my cock through my robe. "Be gentle with her, Honey. She isn't as experienced as Lily was, even before you took care of her." Oh, you ca... count on that, Sweetheart. I really just thought I was getting a back rub." Sure, you did," she said and slapped my ass as she passed by on her way into the bedroom. "Well, I guess I'm on my own tonight. If you want me, I'll just be in bed with Buzz," she added. 'Buzz' is her name for her purple vibrator. I watched her ass sway back and forth as. "Good enough," her grandfather nodded, "I have plans for you."Ramzy El-Najjar was a patient man and still he waited for the appropriate moment with the girl's command of English and French improving by the day. Eventually he decided that the time was ripe and the day propitious and the Emir's mood mellow."Master," he said, but then fell silent."Speak," said the Emir, "Tell me you want to retire. Tell me you have been trying to say this to me for weeks now. Tell me how you plan to soften the. This woman will do whatever I ask, but I want someone else to take control once in a while, I wonder if I put her in position if she'll take control of me...I open the door and lead you inside. I lead you over to my recliner and kiss you again, our tongues finding each other. My hands slide down your back to your ass, pulling you up toward my mouth. You wrap your legs around me, your arms around my neck. Our genitals touch and you moan. I run my hands along your legs to your ankles and separate. "It's cute. You've come a long way Vic. I don'tthink you need my advice anymore." But I like your advice," I replied with a great big smile."Or maybe... just maybe you like being called cute."My face turned red. "Not at all." I walked away and returned to myroom in embarrassment.* * *When Tyler got home from class, we got into their car and left theuniversity. As I watched the campus disappear into the distance, Icould feel a sense of relief. It's been a long week of being paranoid.It warmed me.

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