Indian Babe Gets It Deep In The Ass

Sally said "I got something better something that will change you way of life, honey go get." by this time I had climaxed I have no idea how many time.... I knew eventually that I would see perform; I sat there waiting to see just what he would do, and how he would do it.It was Phil that brought in Brut and he went straight for Mary's open pussy. At first she started to close her legs, but Sally said "Don't worry honey, you will love it, if you don't, you can watch him do me." Mary opened her. “Oh, so he had a somewhat low day. Happens to the best.„I think you are the only one who thinks that, I’m pretty sure they still call you Crazy Curt when no one listens.“Curt smiled wrily, he was quite proud of that nick name and Steven had known mentioning it would cheer him up a bit.„Maybe you are right, but it seems like we are running in circles these days, the typical rebellion problem. One day you are the young, righteous and hungry warrior fighting for your own place in the world, then. “That’s it daddy, I’m fucking cumming right now. Please fuck me hard while I cum. Right now, please pound me!”I pounded her tight pussy as hard as I could and she started screaming with pleasure. “MMMM, fuck,I’m fucking cumming daddy! Ooooo yes, I’m cumming all over your massive fucking cock! MMMMMMMM!” Her whole body shook with a massive orgasm and her juices puddled on the bed. When she was done I turned her on her back as she recovered.She looked at me and said, “Every time you fuck. But I told him if he didn't get me off with his mouth, he wasn't getting any Shay candy that night. He proved to be a willing pupil, and over the next few weeks I gradually turned him into a cunnilingual artist. It got to the point where he so looked forward to doing it that sometimes we started our make out sessions that way. I think he liked it better that way; then he could just lay back and let Shay do her thing without worrying about me.And that's the way it went for the rest of the school.

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