Tied But Super Horny

Callie groaned from his smack and roused herself enough to think about where she had placed the receipt. She finally recalled putting it in the nights...and next to the bed, and she turned on the lamp and began to sort through the papers inside the drawer, until she found the receipt, and subsequently handed it to Cade. Cade didn't know why it was important, but he wanted the receipt at that moment, no matter how unreasonable it seemed. It was as if he couldn't rest until he had it in his hand.. Just as he started his sprintdown the hall the heels managed to materialize on his feet again,throwing him off balance and stumbling into the wall. As he braced forimpact, a heavy wash of pink hair flew out into his vision, and a newblast of fabric sprang out around him. Instead of bashing painfully intothe wall, Greg harmlessly bounced off the surface with the help of thenew breasts, even larger and heavier than they were before. He couldstill run wearing the outfit, but the heavy crinoline. Yup, I had a place in hell right next to Ted Bundy I thought. Hope this pussy is worth it.She stood and untucked her shirt. It went over her head and onto the floor. She debated with the bra but left it in place. It looked like a sports bra but it wasn't as tight, still it looked like too much work to remove. She pulled the belt and unsnapped the button to her shorts. She looked down and kicked one shoe off. It flew across the room and hit the desk."Whoops," she giggled as she pulled her. Delighted, Gia kissed me, dressed and then herded her clan down to their apartment.The rest of Thursday evening and Friday morning I spent in my work room touching up shots from various shoots of that week. It takes an amazing amount of time to scan every photo with a jeweler's glass to spot detracting blemishes in a shot and then make whatever corrections are necessary. Some turn out to be just minor issues, some require extensive changes and then some photos just simply cannot be salvaged..

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