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"okay just lay down, I will wash you." he said. I began to speak, but Robby put a finger up to my mouth, which I sucked into my mouth and moaned on to...tease him. "babygirl, we need to talk. I will still had sex with you, but there needs to be rules. I have to follow them just like you do okay?" Robby said, then without an answer he continued. "first things first we need to respect eachother. If one doesn't want to do something, then we won't do it. Sex has to be consensual. And no more using. ?Lean forward, Mrs. Newark.? The brunette did as she was told until she could smell something good in front of her. The stranger had set a bowl down in front of her and now expected her to eat it as if she were a dog. ?Eat or go hungry, Rachel,? the stranger said, ?I could care less.? Tentatively, the bound woman took a bite. The man had prepared a warm chicken salad with chopped walnuts and apples and, to her amazement, quite good. Rachel nibbled at her plate, swallowing little. Then she pushed me off and slid gracefully down my body to take my cock in her mouth. She sucked me gently and lovingly and her fingers roamed my back and my crack as I caressed her head, felt her ears and stroked her cheeks.I found myself telling her how wonderful she was and then telling her to come up, because there was something I wanted to do to her.Brenda lay expectantly on her back, smiling her gentle smile. She was mine completely, happily, relaxed and content.I sucked her clitoris and. They tie me up and use both my holes for their pleasure over and over, they spank me and so much more and dont get me wrong I have always loved that and always will and nothing will stop me from being a slut but I decided I wanted to do something different in the bed room.So I went on to the net and on to one of my favourite sites for getting meets and started to write my add.I am a 26 year old guy looking for a older male top for something different.When you get to mine I will take control of.

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