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I watched her with my eyes half closed while she lay on her back and stretched, and she did a sly move where she dipped her fingers between her legs, ...hen passed them up over one titty, and finally under her nose. That made me smile.“Hey,” I said, doing my own stretching, and my own sly move.“Oh. Good morning.”“Sleep OK?”“When I finally did.”“Yeah,” I said. “Something woke me up in the middle of the night, too.”We cracked up at that like of couple of naughty six-year-olds. Saanvi got out of bed. Wrapped in towels I returned to the bedroom to discover that my suitcases have been emptied and clothes put away. The maid said, “Hope you not mind, I took out this outfit for you to wear, we go to Maasai wedding. I hav to braid your hair, men no let you join if you no braid”. “Go and braid my hair,” I said. After some primping I put on the loose light pink shear blouse, a cotton micro skirt, Keds and no panties. It was a good thing that I have had a Brazilian. I looked at myself in the mirror,. He told me from then on he would be able to last longer and fuck me for longer times. He then put his mouth to my tits and began to suck my nipples. My tits were a full B and growing all the time. He licked and sucked each nipple switching back and forth and my nipples were hard like his cock.He then told me to lick his cock. As I licked his cock he lifted it so I could lick his balls. Licking him made his cock hard again and I was amazed how long and thick it was. Before he could cum he pulled. Priya (again) : kaheina kya chate ho tum??Riju: pata nehi….Achyanak muh se nikal gaya….Riju aur priya ekdusre ke bohut karib baithe the bistar pe.Romantic song chal raha tha music system mei.Room mei phoolo ke gandh se mahol poora romantic ho gaya tha.Pyar ka ek nasha sa cha gaya tha poore room mei.Riju ka bayan hath still priya ki sleeveless blouse pahene hue khuli kandho mei tha.Dono chup the.Riju (again): ek baat kahu priya,aaj tum bohut acche lag rahe ho.Sach bolu toh now I am feeling.

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