MyMovie50-Lobhayati-All Torn Up-S01-Ep02

My second hand held onto her waist as her tongue gently massaged mine inside my mouth. I felt weak. I couldn't believe this was happening. She stopped...kissing me. Turned around and lead me upstairs to my room. As she sat me down on my bed, she gestured for me to unzip her dress. I didn't protest. I sat on the edge of the bed watching as the dress fell slowly off her back, she turned around, Unhooked her bra and for the first time I saw her beautiful breasts. She smiled as she saw my face light. We come back to hotel and as soon as we enter the room we both got naked and started to kiss and move to the bed and started play with each other body as we have a chocolate paste we put it on each other body and started licking it and then we did lick each in 69 position and then come to the missionary position and put my 8 inch 8 inches dick inside her pussy and getting into the motion of in and out and while she was ahahahhahahaha…………… ahahahahhaahhhhhaaaa to make her screams low I kissed. "My big boner needs to fillyour sissy slut ass with cum. I need to pump my goo into your big sissybutt."The look of pure lust exchanged between man and sissy was as romantic athing as Pansy had ever seen. She was a sissy, and she was making himcum. Sigh.Nearby, the other four sissies were doing everything they could to maketheir men cum. Flouncy Facefuck obscenely gagged on the long cock herface was violently being forced up and down on. Standing next to them,Dainty Denial lifted her sissy baby. I controlled, on the bike she had hugged me from back very tightly, i knew she totally wants it now, so we went to a nearby club where there is less crowd and we could spend some time with each other. I knew the owner so i had already booked a corner table, it was a C shaped table in a wall, if u know what i mean. we had a few drinks she was sitting very close to me, her erect nipples could be seen and her boobs were touching my chest sideways, I was rubbing her upper thighs, she was feeling.

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