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Tess sucked in a breath to scream, and immediately Carli landed a hard, stinging swat to the other nipple. Tess howled as the stings made her nipples ...eel like they were on fire. Her body jerked as she screamed in pain.Carli leaned over and gently licked one nipple then the other as Tess calmed down. Tess began to speak, but Carli held a finger to her lips to silence her.Carli continued. "Those were pretty good snaps, but I can do them at least twice that hard if I want to. There's really only. Her sexy and slim navel..Strong calve muscles which were wet and her wet round ass, I instantly got an hard on.Meanwhile rajesh was busy looking at my wife..She also looked absolutely gorgeous..It was very difficult to judge which one of them is sexier than other. My wife was wearing a short t shirt and mini skirt, her boobs were easily visible after getting wet, one could easily spot her sexy thighs and legs from a distance. We joined them and had lots of fun.While playing I noticed nobody. After a few seconds both females broke the embrace and took deep breaths and leant back onto the sofa. To master’s astonishment, Phoebe seemed to be unconcerned that the master, who she had only just met, was privy to their intimacy. Adding further to his amazement, goddess softly whispered to Phoebe,“I think someone might be feeling left out. It’s Masters turn now”. Phoebe turned towards master with a smile and leant towards him. Master responded hesitantly, by gently placing his lips on hers.. "You have a really nice body." Her reply was "you really think so?" And with that she pulled her t shirt up and showed me her tits. "If you were not my brother, would you make love to me?" Holy... I couldn't believe it, her big tits dangled in front of me, her nipples were really hard. I sort of sputtered..."wow, your body is really sexy, of course I to fuck..." I wasn't sure what I was saying, my head was spinning. The room was spinning. Dear lord I was about ready to cum all over.

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